The body witnesses a lot of changes during the course of pregnancy. You tend to put on weight and the feeling of nausea is also common. These are some changes that are pretty much on the expected lines but what might be a surprise to you is that you realize that all of a sudden your belly becomes a public property. This might make you wonder why people touch pregnant bellies. Let us find answer to this question.

Your family or for the matter your near or dear ones think of nothing apart from rubbing your pregnant belly. Ideally you might not mind someone close to you say your mother, or your husband touching your belly. This is dependent on how you do feel at that particular point of time. You could also allow someone to touch your pregnant belly if they approach you in a polite manner. But people touching pregnant belly who are utter strangers may shock you. It may give you a feeling that personal space along with manners is something that is totally out of the world. Now when they rub your belly do they think that the baby is going to come out in the form of a genie and whether their wishes are going to be considered?

Now let us consider another point of view to the problem. No one would dare walk up to a woman and think of touching her breast. But sadly the phenomenon of touching a pregnant belly is pretty much widespread. The little ones or the elders may want to take a try at it because of the simple reason that they would want to see the baby move in you. Some people may say that they would want to experience the miracle inside you. The precise problem is that if a pregnant woman responds to the unwanted touching of the belly it is regarded that she is oversensitive or hormonal in nature. Do not fall into this trap straight away as it is your body. You do have all the liberty in the world to say no to someone.

According to some women they did have a certain degree of luck by touching back. There is no need to be rude or yell in any way.  But you can convey to the people around that it does bother you. This could be related to anyone who is laying a hand on you, whether be it your relative or a total stranger as well. If some asks you in a polite manner you can allow them to touch your pregnant belly. You need to understand the fact that it is your body and the decision entirely rests with you. If it is a friend you can say a no and explain him to the reasons for doing so as well. Whereas in case of others, there is no need to say give any form of explanation as the reasons might be pretty well known to you.

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