Some Mouth-Watering Sweets of Bengal One Should Not Miss

Bengal is quite popular for various aspects. Popular for its rich culture, Bengal has always given a portion of dedication in literature, films, cuisines, music, and much more, through famous ideals. However, among all, Bengal is quite remembered for its mouth-watering cuisines. If you truly want to enjoy your trip to Bengal, don’t forget to pass through the various sweet dishes it provides you with. Tasting each sweet would make you forget the taste of the other, creating confusion on which to pay for.

Here are some must to taste Bengali sweets:

  • Mohan Bhog

If you are looking for a traditional Bengali sweet, Mohan Bhog is the best to have in your list of meals while visiting Bengal. Based on Semolina, it comes in various shapes and sizes, however, it is traditionally made in circular balls. The sugary dish, rich in taste would be a wonderful treat for your guests too.

  • LobongoLatika

LobongoLatika is a sweet that can be carried out in every occasion. This crowd favourite sweet is made from khoya, maida, nutmeg powder, ghee, coconut, and various other essential spices, with blended sugar that brings you a heavenly taste. The pastry comes in a well-sealed and folded way which is done with the help of a clove.

  • Roshogulla

The taste of this sweet dish would surely make you search for rasgulla banana ki vidhi on the internet. The spongy balls come dipped in sugary syrup which really fills your mouth with a mesmerizing taste. Made from paneer and sugar syrup, there are various other forms of roshogullathat add to the flavour of the sweet dish.

  • BhapaDoi

A sweet dish made out of yogurt and milk, it gives the best sweet dish when chilled in refrigerator. The sweet dish is decorated with almonds and pistachios that enhance the taste of the sweet dish. The dish is widely served as a dessert after meals.

  • MalaiChomChom

Just a glance of MalaiChomChom would fill your mouth with water. Made from chenna and kesar, this dish has stolen the heart of many. The dish comes with a golden texture mixed with white and is better served chilled with meals.

  • Raj Bhog

While looking for rasgulla banana kividhi, Raj Bhog is also a Bengali sweet that is widely gone through. Similar to the spongy rasgulla, Raj Bhog comes with similar texture that is stuffed with lip-smacking dry fruit. Kesar is also added to the dish, which changes its colour to yellow for an unforgettable taste.

  • KheerKadam

The name of this sweet dish given after Kadamba which is a flower that comes in ball shape with small white petals. The dish is made by encasing a dry rasgulla, and is priory coated with kheer and after that dusted with dry kheer. Having one piece of this dish would give you dual flavours for a relishing taste.

Apart from all these, other Bengali sweet dishes include Patishapta, ChhanarJalebi, ShorBhaja, Pantua, Joynogorer Moa, Ladikeni, and many more.

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